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The Salt and Light Company, Inc.



The Salt and Light Company, Inc. is a property development and management company.  It deals in all aspects of real estate purchase, renovation, rehabilitation and sale.  It is the oldest of our companies, having been formed in 1986.  S&L has an IRS 501 (c) (3) classification.  The Salt and Light Company, Inc. has an annual operating budget for FY 2016 (ending June 30) of $3.5 million.  It has 12 full and six part-time employees.


            Its major programs include property development for emergency shelter, transitional housing, special needs permanent housing and for sale homeownership.  Its homeownership program has completed projects in a multi-state region east of the Mississippi River: Michigan, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey.  It currently owns and manages over 120 units in a six county area of south Jersey including Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Ocean, Mercer and Monmouth counties.

Our latest home purchase -- housing for a veteran and his or her family.

Warning: PLEASE BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS! Affordable Homes Group does not rent apartments in NYC area. CONSUMERS BE AWARE. 



     The mission of The Salt and Light Company, Inc. is to help meet the needs of the homeless, lower income individuals and families as partners.  The foundation of our work is decent, affordable housing that helps people reallocate economic resources and focus energies in meeting both immediate and longer-term goals.  We seek to provide a continuum of housing options: emergency shelter; transitional housing; rental housing and affordable homeownership.  Through a variety of supportive services, we strive to help people in need take control of their own futures.  To accomplish these ends, we are committed to advocacy, education and the delivery of direct services.




         The vision of The Salt and Light Company, Inc. is the creation of a more just and compassionate society by offering the homeless and lower income people an opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency and personal independence.

The Salt and Light Company, Inc. has been approved by the Commissioner of the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs, Hon. Sheila Oliver (also the Lieutenant Governor) as a approved non-profit organization to participate in the State’s Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit program. For more information visit the DCA website at:


Attached is a Press Release announcing the approval. Also attached is a map outlining the boundaries of the Rancocas Neighborhood, the area where we will be working to invest funds from our participation in the program over the next 10 years.


The bottom line is that The Salt and Light Company, Inc, will be bringing millions of dollars into Mt. Holly to improve the residential and commercial buildings invest in community assets, support businesses and residents, etc. all to help make Mt. Holly the best community it can be.


This is not a program or project that is dependent upon Mt. Holly Twp. Involvement or endorsement, though we hope that in the near future the leaders will see fit to finally endorse it. We are working to improve the community for the benefit of the residents, property owners and businesses.


Please be advised that I will be the contact person and spokesperson for the Rancocas Neighborhood revitalization activities. Please direct all questions and comments to me.


We look forward to 10 years of working together with those who want to address Mt. Holly’s great diversity and potential in a positive, collaborative manner to revitalize it in its social, economic, cultural and recreational life for the whole community’s benefit.

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